These wooden baseball bat mugs make a fantastic gift for dads, grads, coaches, and more! Using our rotary attachment accessory, laser engraving baseball bat mugs is both quick and easy. Whether you're creating a custom gift for a friend or loved one, or just adding a new and unique product to your showroom, these laser engraved baseball bat mugs will score a home run for customers!

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Tarvittavat materiaalit

We used a 60-watt Helix:

Raster // Speed 40% // Power 100% // DPI 300 // Standard Dithering // Center-Center Engraving

Vaihe 1: Kaiverrettavan kuvion valmistelu

Open the design file and modify as necessary. Since we are doing a cylindrical item on the rotary attachment, you'll need to rotate your artwork 90 degrees, so it matches the orientation of the piece. Our file examples include simple baseball stitching as well as a sample message ideal for a coach's gift.

Design files for laser engraving baseball cups

Vaihe 2: Asetukset

Install the rotary attachment: Lower your engraving table, remove the vector or engraving table as well as the crumb tray, and power off your machine. Plug in your rotary attachment and then restart the laser. The laser head will relocate to a new home position for the rotary.

Insert the mug: Place your baseball bat mug on the rotary attachment. Use a level to make sure the piece is level throughout, and manually focus your machine. If you are using the Center-Center engraving feature, set a new home position in the center of your piece using the red dot pointer as a guide (pictured below.)

setting up the rotary for laser engraving baseball bat mugs

Vaihe 3: Työn lähettäminen laseriin

When you're satisfied with your graphics and placement, send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine. Press the GO button and in minutes you'll have an incredible gift or sample!

laser engraving baseball bat mugs in action
laser engraved baseball bat mugs

Where can you sell laser engraved baseball bat mugs?

  • Online gift stores
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Father's Day gifts
  • Groomsmen gifts

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